Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2015

Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2015 – Marlborough, NZ; 14% abv; c.30€
Some part of me remembered that this wine has fans among people whose tastes I trust. So I decided to try it though I’m not exactly a NZ SB fan so the idea of spending almost 30€ on one did make me pause for a minute. But since there was nothing else new of interest in that particular Alko I bought it.

IMG_6851Mostly I have only positive things to say about it. It certainly is not your stereotype of NZ SB and there’s quite a bit of depth to the aromas so it isn’t just an in-your-face mix of over- and under-ripe fruit. The scent is really quite interesting and, unlike most SBs, actually invites me to take another sniff though I’m not always terribly into such exotic/tropical fruit sensations in wine. But a couple slight negatives: there is a bit of a pear-drop scent as if it were cool-fermented and I even sense a bit of oak. I know that barrels have to be replaced occasionally but surely the occasional new barrel wouldn’t leave such a mark? Is it a conscious decision to have a touch of oak here? Or am I back to my usual self and crying wolf? There’s also a slight creamy edge that suggests some malo, maybe?

The palate is quite nice, too, and very different again from the stereotype of the NZ SB. It’s quite fruity, weighty and soft like a Chardonnay. Again, there’s a slight creamy edge that seems like malo. But if I’m not hallucinating that, it’s been done well and there’s enough acidity to keep such an amount of boisterous of fruit in check.

It’s a fun, fruity, easy-going wine. There are interesting aromas and textures and it is lively despite the fruit. But 30€? A tenner off and I’d buy it again.


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